Our strategy is to enable the community to take the lead in achieving the provision of more truly affordable homes, of pleasing design, energy efficient, and of the size and type needed.

This requires a mechanism for community participation, partnership and, where appropriate, management control of delivery.

Firstly, we aim to undertake a diverse range projects, these include:

  • The more traditional CLT role of providing new homes, initially via the Raise the Roof project.
  • The purchase & refurbishment of properties to create affordable homes and, possibly, affordable work spaces.
  • Positive involvement in the affordable home aspects of the Foundry Lea (formally Vearse Farm) development of up to 760 homes, and a neighbouring potential development of up to 140 further homes.
  • Projects adopting less traditional approaches, including those of proven success such as Group self-finish with shared ownership and discounted re-sale, and Mutual home ownership through a co-operative.

Our approach to Project Management will be underpinned by a ‘plan-do-check – feedback to improve’ based management system whereby each distinct project phase is managed through strategic, work and control processes tailored to the activities in that phase.  This is described in our (currently draft) Opportunity & Project Management document.

Furthermore, we aim to adopt an integrated approach to project management and opportunity creation that also takes account of the wider threat to the resilience and sustainability of communities.

For example, when developing the Raise the Roof project we have been motivated by these questions:

  • Can we build in such a way that we help maintain and create jobs within the local economy?
  • Can we imagine new and creative designs and construction methods for the houses we want to build, and also ensure they are affordable?
  • Can we draw on sustainable materials that flow out of regenerative forestry and agriculture?

To move towards the ultimate goal of holding land in trust, providing more affordable homes and strengthening community resilience we foresee a need to create change through, as a minimum:

  • Further research into the housing crisis in order to map support provision requirements and thus improve efficiency and effectiveness of effort.
  • Continued communication and promotion to raise public interest and awareness.
  • Training and training support in the practical and administrative skills needed to support community housing.
  • Targeted influencing of housing related policy and decision makers.



BACH aims to work with Raise the Roof to pilot new approaches to the development of affordable housing. The intention is to use timber, hemp, and other local sustainable materials to build a small row of four to five houses as a Pilot Project.

If the Pilot succeeds then opportunities to apply the concept will be sought – including within the affordable housing element of large housing developments such as Vearse Farm to the west of Bridport Town.

This month (March 2021) BACH received a substantial grant to enable us, together with our partners, to progress the Pilot work.


Raise the Roof is a partnership between Bridport Town Council, Wessex Community Assets, Common Ground, Dorset Woodhub, The Arts Development Company, and design studio Assemble.

Raise the Roof intends to deliver structures that are rapidly assembled and then self- finished by a group of households working together. Self-finish means that homes become even more affordable as tenants complete some of the minor building work themselves.

For more information, please see the brochure BACH and Raise the Roof which can be downloaded.